Olive Oil Based


Shreds for all your favorite recipes with heart healthy ingredient, olive oil and a good source of calcium.


Our olive oil cheese slices make the ultimate grilled cheese, can level up any sandwich, or melt perfectly into any recipe.


A delicious selection of olive oil cheese blocks with real herbs and vegetables added to make them the perfect charcuterie offering and are great for snacking, in sandwiches, or melted into your favorite recipes.


Savory and snackable with heart healthy Olive Oil, olive oil cheese cubes were made for elevated snacking!

Snack Packs

Portable Snack Pack that brings together the perfect balance with plant-based cheese cubes on one side and dried cranberries with crunchy almonds or cashews on the other. Individually packaged and made for on-the-go convenience.


Dairy, lactose, and allergen free plant-based cheese shreds can be used in pizza, macaroni and cheese, and all your other go-to comfort foods with a vegan twist that does not compromise on melt, flavor, or texture.


Our plant-based cheese slices are 100% vegan and 100% delicious. They melt smoothly into the perfect grilled cheese sandwiches, make the best quesadillas, and are perfect for all your cheesy recipes.

Snackable Wedges

Savory, snackable, and Keto Certified plant-based wedges are here! 6 wedges that are full of flavor and individually wrapped for tasty on-the-go convenience, delicious on a charcuterie board, or tossed into a lunchbox!

Smoked Wheels

Our real smoked wheels are naturally cold smoked with applewood chips, creating a delicious, rich, and deeply nutty flavor profile. Pairs perfectly with fruit and nuts on a charcuterie board, slices beautifully for sandwiches, and can be used in your favorite recipes.


Versatile and flavor boosting vegan grated Parmesan cheese in a convenient shaker bottle. Free of allergens including dairy, soy, gluten, nuts, GOOD PLANeT grated Parmesan is a delicious finishing touch on pastas, salads, pizza, lasagna, sandwiches, and more!