Our Mission

Our Mission is to do and be good for YOU and the PLANeT. In everything!

When we say everything we mean it. We strive to create value in our relationships, customer interaction, innovation, experience, you name it. Constantly we try to find new ways to do good and be better. We live and breathe our mission every day, as a brand, company, and individuals. Our mission is more than a statement, it is a lifestyle.

The Heart Behind It All


We focus on the strength of our connections by doing what’s right for others.


We deliver quality through our product and service, ALWAYS!


We are committed to honesty and integrity in all of our practices.


We embrace entrepreneurship to be an ever-evolving company.


We strive to meet goals, exceed expectations, and increase opportunities.

Our Planet

Together, we do our best to protect our planet, live, and grow sustainably.

Our Story

You ever watch somebody else doing something and think to yourself, “huh, I could do better”? Well, when we looked at the plant-based cheese options that were out there, we didn’t just think about doing better, we did do better.

At GOOD PLANeT Foods, we make the best, yes, the B-E-S-T, plant-based cheeses. Anywhere. And since we really do think of our customers as our friends, we didn’t want to leave anyone out. So, our cheese is great for everyone. It is vegan, dairy free, cruelty free, gluten free, non-GMO, (You still with us?) soy free, nut free, heck it’s even allergen free! Now nobody has to give up the taste or experience of cheese because, thanks to plants, we were able to do even better.