Good Planet’s Vegan Cheese Wedges Are the Next Best Thing to Babybel

GOOD PLANeT Plant-Based Cheese Wedges

GOOD PLANeT has unveiled dairy-free cheese wedges in three flavors.

Cheese lovers, great news: GOOD PLANeT just unveiled snackable dairy-free cheese wedges. And they’re seriously charcuterie board-approved.

The Plant-Based Cheese Wedges feature allergen-free ingredients and come in three varieties: Original, Pepper Jack, and Smoked Gouda. In addition to being dairy-free, the wedges are free from tree nuts, peanuts, soy, and gluten. Each package features six individually wrapped wedges. 

In lieu of dairy, the plant-based wedges feature coconut oil and chickpea protein. They join the brand’s range of other non-dairy cheese products, including shreds and slices. 

The new vegan cheese product comes amid a growing demand for plant-based foods. According to a recent study, the vegan cheese market, in particular, is booming. It valued the sector at $2,705.00 million in 2019. It’s projected to increase by 7.1 percent over the next six years to be worth $ 4,651.68 million by 2027. 

“The plant-based cheese segment is growing extremely fast. But the potential is far greater than we are seeing,” GOOD PLANeT’s co-CEO, Bart Adlam, said

“We are committed to growing the segment by making it easy for consumers to make a sustainable choice and choose plant-based,” he added. “With this innovation, we are delivering an Allergen Free, keto-certified, plant-based snackable cheese wedge that delivers all the creaminess, satisfaction, and taste of dairy cheese.”

The rise of vegan cheese

GOOD PLANeT joins a growing list of brands churning out non-dairy cheese.

Vegan brands like Miyoko’s Creamery, Daiya Foods, and Violife all carry plant-based cheeses. And they all melt, stretch, and taste similar to dairy cheese.

But non-vegan brands are also responding to consumers’ desire for more plant-based products.

Earlier this year, Bel Brands—owner and operator of several cheese labels, including Babybel, Boursin, and Laughing Cow—released a vegan Boursin cheese spread. 

Well-known for its dairy-based offerings, the company released its new vegan product to “meet flexitarian food trends and evolving consumer demands.”

This followed Bel Brands’ launch of its own vegan cheese brand in March. Called Nurishh, the brand carries slices and shreds in six different varieties. The former includes cheddar, mozzarella, and provolone style slices. The shreds come in cheddar, mozzarella, and a cheddar and mozzarella blend.

Kraft sent Twitter into a tailspin in July after it launched a vegan mac and cheese, which features noodles and a plant-based cheese powder just like the dairy version.  “Sweet lord I am praying this tastes like the colour orange as it’s all I’ve ever asked for in vegan boxed mac & cheese,” one Twitter user wrote.