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What Makes us Different?


No reason to fear, GMOs are not here. Our products are entirely GMO-free.


For health, ethical, and environmental reasons plant-based is just better.

What Makes us Different?


Dairy, gluten, soy, fish/shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, and egg are nowhere to be seen.


Taste, texture, and meltability, GOOD PLANeT has the BEST cheese around.

Tasty Variety

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Good for you, good for the planet


GOOD PLANeT Foods cheese products have 1/3 the fat of dairy cheese, NO cholesterol, and 1/3 the calories of dairy cheese.


Allergen Free

Made for all to enjoy without worry, our products are made using plant-based ingredients and are Allergen Free!


Impact (Us vs. Dairy)

It takes 56 gallons of water to produce one slice of dairy cheese, where plant-based cheese, uses only 2 gallons of water per slice.