Snack Packs

Portable Snack Pack that brings together the perfect balance with plant-based cheese cubes on one side and dried cranberries with crunchy almonds or cashews on the other. Individually packaged and made for on-the-go convenience.


Dairy, lactose, and allergen free plant-based cheese shreds can be used in pizza, macaroni and cheese, and all your other go-to comfort foods with a vegan twist that does not compromise on melt, flavor, or texture.


Our plant-based cheese slices are 100% vegan and 100% delicious. They melt smoothly into the perfect grilled cheese sandwiches, make the best quesadillas, and are perfect for all your cheesy recipes.

Snackable Wedges

Savory, snackable, and Keto Certified plant-based wedges are here! 6 wedges that are full of flavor and individually wrapped for tasty on-the-go convenience, delicious on a charcuterie board, or tossed into a lunchbox!

Smoked Wheels

Our real smoked wheels are naturally cold smoked with applewood chips, creating a delicious, rich, and deeply nutty flavor profile. Pairs perfectly with fruit and nuts on a charcuterie board, slices beautifully for sandwiches, and can be used in your favorite recipes.